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Six more weeks of winter…

Playing in the Snow


Well Groundhog day passed and that furry little beast predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  So, I thought I might as well make the best of it and decided to trek out into the wilderness on a winter excursion.  So I put on a comfy pair of jeans, a sweater, some snow boots, and my down jacket and earmuffs.  I had fun playing in the snow and making a snow angel.



Jeans are the ultimate in casual and comfort clothing.  My favorite jeans come from SD Wears by Desdemona Young.  The Vixen jeans are a nice stonewashed medium denim blue with a leather-braided belt with a silver belt buckle and accents.  I had to keep warm so I put on my **Mis** Argyle Web Sweater from Mischief by Janie Marlowe.  Mischief has some cute and sexy clothing and is quite affordable with most outfits ranging between $175L-$400L.  This black knit sweater features a strip of argyle up one side with a little spider on the front.  OK if you have arachnophobia, then this isn’t for you.


My jacket I purchased many months ago and unfortunately the designer has since hung up her pinking shears.  However, you can find other designers on SL that make a similar type of coat.  My jacket is a puffy, down white coat with white faux fur trim (no virtual animals were hurt in the making of this coat.)  I will say one thing for this coat, its 100% prim clothing which is both a blessing and a curse.  Its parts are resizable to fit, but because it’s all prims, it can take a bit of work to get the coat just right.  You will have to cover all the open spots by resizing, rotating, etc. until it looks just right.  And as soon your AO moves you into the next pose, you’ll see another spot that needs adjusting.


The earmuffs, also made of  white faux fur, are the finishing touch to this outfit.  The earmuffs were part of a set that included a fur boa, mittens, and a cute pair of Snuggs boots.  The same developer made the earmuffs and I tried to IM her to see if she still offered her items anywhere but received no reply.


The boots I wore were ones I picked up a while ago too.  These gray wool boots with a dark brown heels are cute yet rugged.  They have a white faux fur trim that matches the jacket and earmuffs.  They are available still from P2nda Skall.  P2nda no long is in the shoe business, but makes airplanes now, however P2nda has these shoes still available for purchase.


After a long day outdoors, I went home curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.  I started a nice and warm roaring fire and thought about how much I really want to run over that damn groundhog with my car.

Special note:  Thanks to Han Okelli for catching the omission from last week’s post.  I forgot to list the hair I had worn in the lingerie pictures.  It was Natasha in Auburn from ETD.