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Loving system skirt

I love wearing dresses and it makes me really happy when I find one that accentuates my curves the way this one does.


The pleated detail on the bodice makes it even more curve hugging and it comes also beautifully finished with ruffles along the neckline and sleves.


I have completed my look today wearing floral patterned stockings, black pumps and jade on silver jewelry.



My outfit today:

Dress: Metro dress in green from Spork
Stockings: Lace stockings in Mossey green from Dare
Shoes: Dalia pumps in black from Armidi Gisaci
Jewerly: Jade on silver loops from CIHUAE

My body:
: Radioactive eyes in blue from Detour
Hair: Mica 2008 in Gold blonde from Maitreya
Skin: Anael Cinna in Runway from Bebae

Poses: Antoine Picard poses from Dare


Callie Cline appreciation day

Today I want to thank Callie for the Bloggers Appreciation Week that gave us all SL fashion bloggers many many reasons to smile and indeed, feel appreciated.

I think this offshoulder dress is stunning and a good representation of the skillfulness of Callie as a designer.


I love it’s double skirt design and the black lace details on cleavage area, sleeves and lower skirt.


The dress looks as elegant if you choose to wear it unbelted and even without the sleeves, and you will find that the folder already contains ring, drop earrings and bracelet to complete your look.


My stockings are from Magnolia and my pumps from Maitreya.


Outfit details:

Dress: Graciana’s goodies paisley party dress in green, Callie Cline

Stockings: Talik stockings in charcoal, Magonlia


Shoes: Verve pumps in green, Maitreya

Jewelry: Black diamond drop earrings, Callie Cline
The Rock black diamond ring, Callie Cline

Hair: Loose bun, gold blonde, Maitreya
Skin: Anael, Cinna in Runway, Bebae

Poses: {flowey} poses



Dystopian and cyberpunk: Suffugium

If you are into dystopian-themed RP you might want to visit Suffugium, quite an interesting sim that features slums and noir punk industrial regions.


I think my dress today somehow suits this sims’s theme altough I am not into rp myself. It comes from League and as you will appreciatte from the pictures it is excepcionally well made.


I am also wearing boots from Maitreya in white and to complete my look I chose some hoop earrings in silver from Cihuae!


Giuseppe Spicoli's Star Gazer

Giuseppe Spicoli's Star Gazer



Outfit details:

Dress: Strictly Business, burgundy, League
Boots: Dune, white, Maitreya
Earrings: Silver creole earrings, Cihuae!

Hair: Garrett, MADesigns hair
Skin: Anael Cinna, Runway, Bebae
Shape: Custom made, Soft Lines Shapes

Poses: C’est la vie!


Through sandbanks and shallow waters


This dress I’m showing you today made me think of a cloudless, warm morning, bathed with a mild sunshine and a calm breeze. With these thoughts in mind I headed to this beautiful fantasy island that Aerobreeze is.


My dress is an Aoharu design and I’m paring it with some shoes from Ztique that are just delightful only in its name, “Wild roses garden party”. As I’m sure it can be appreciated, the design work on the sculpted prim skirt is of high quality, aswell as the detailed craftmanship on the tiny roses that adorn my shoes.


My bracelet, necklace and dropearrings are a set of silver and blue beads from Cihuae!



If you fancy a walk through shallow waters and sandbanks in a surreal, relaxing atmosphere, I suggest you visiting this park, I did enjoy it.
Outfit details:

Dress: Drapery dress in beige, Aoharu
Shoes: Wild roses garden party, Ztique
Jewelry: Silver and blue beads set, Cihuae!

Hair: Loose bun, gold blonde, Maitreya
Skin: Anael Cinna in Runway, Bebae
ShapeSoft Lines Shapes


Bogon flux, continuous growth and decay


Originally conceived by blotto epsilon and Cutea Benelli for Burning Life 2008, Bogon flux is described by themselves as “a scrap metal steampunk structure that defies gravity… a plumbing accident that assembles itself into an organic slum through a continuous struggle of growth and decay”. Nice isn’t it?
And what did I chose to wear for visiting such a fascinating place? Miniskirt 🙂



This one is from Mimikri, very nice, very girlie black denim skirt with flexi frilled attachments and an adorning belt and buckle detail on the front.



I paired my skirt with this sexy Cut Sewn sweater from DPSerendipity in grey. Underneath it I am wearing a very pretty cami in rusty pink.



The continuos metamorphosis of this modern art structure did represent a challenge to me when taking these pictures, but I must say that despite the several times that I involuntarily made it to the ground, it is a place I would gladly go back and take my friends.



For shoes I’m wearing the React boots in black from Solange.



Thank you for looking 😉


Outfit details:

Top: Softish cami, rusty pink, Street Magic
Skirt: Frill/Cosmo, black, Mimikri
Sweater: Cut sewn, grey, DP Serendipity
Boots: React Buckle boots, Solange

Necklace: Black fashion, Marit
Bracelet: Gold multiloops combo

Hair: Eva II, Gold Blonde, Maitreya


A visit to Champs de Mars


For this blog entry I went to visit the Champs de Mars in the Les Champs Elysees sim, a place definately worth visiting!


Being in Paris made me feel flirty, so I chose some sexy and stylish clothes out of my wardrobe. This black shirt comes from the georgeous Wide Belted II skirt outfit from League, a very complete and well  put together set with many mix matching options as the belted blouse you can wear it long or short sleeved (roll ups attachments included) and tucked or untucked.


The brown leather belt also comes on it’s own, in a separate jacket layer.

There is a matching skirt in two different colors with this set but on this ocassion I’m wearing it with the High Skirt Raven from Maitreya in black. This skirt comes with its own sculpted belt but this time I chose to use the brown leather one from my League outfit.


Textures, shadings, pleat details and buttons on both pieces of clothing are so skillfuly achieved that the garments look real and make us look good 😉


I’m mixing this with brown swede boots from Moxie Polano and a gorgeous gold&wood necklace from Kraftika… and unfortunately you can hardly see them but I’m also wearing some very pretty triple hoop earrings in gold from Cihuae! The suede bracelet is from Bax Accesories in chocolate.

Thank you 😉

Outfit details:

Shirt:  Long sleeved untucked belted black shirt from the Wide Belted skirt outfit, League Forge, Fair Chang Lost Isle/116/226/31
Skirt: High Skirt Raven in black, Maitreya Main Store, Maitreya Isle/201/188/33
Boots: Dark Brown Suede Boots,  Maxie Polano Polano’s Main Store, Haute Couture/214/116/23
Necklace: Necklace No. 125 in gold&wood, Kraftika Jewelry/205/157/37
Earrings: Gold loops dropearrings, Cihuae!
Bracelet: Chocolate Suede JEVN, Bax Accesories Coen Designs Ma,Jiminy/237/180/242
Hair:  Ashley in Tawny, ETD
Eyes: Gamma Eyes in Blue (Dark sclera), Detour
Skin: Anael Cinna Bare, Bebae